Entel HT783 海事UHF对讲机

Entel HT783 海事UHF对讲机使用最新的锂离子电池技术,对讲机启动后给你电池容量信息.
工业级 HT 系列 2.0 手持对讲机, 拥有特别大的音量, 设计用于长时间海上使用, 超级 MIL-STD 810/C/D/E/F结构和IP68防水性能使其成为市场上最经久耐用的海事对讲机.
The commercial grade HT Series 2.0 portables, with their exceptionally loud audio, are also designed to withstand the every day rigours of life at sea, with superior MIL-STD 810/C/D/E/F construction and IP68 submersibility making them the most robust and durable marine portables on the market.