WASSP 3D Multi-beam Hydrographic Survey Integrated Solution S3r & S3pr

WASSP S3 got even better !

Performance and advantages

The WASSP S3r Solution is a fully integrated solution which includes all the core components required for accurately measuring  Depth , Tides Seafloor Features, Shapes & Hardness and Water Column elements.

Real-time Processing Module which is Increased Ping-rate up to 100 Ping /sec. , Enhanced Seafloor Tracking , Improved Vertical Object Detection .

Frequencies of Wide Band Fairing Transducer is user selectable  from 120 – 200kHz

IHO COMPLIANCE(International Hydrographic Organization)

Wireless compatibility with optional license

Portable and easy installation

Turnkey solutions with position/heading and motion sensors

The option of CDX graphical interface or interface with other specialist programs


IP66 Enclosure and sleeve

    “dust tight” and protected against water。

A fully integrated kit which includes all the core components

    Core components:Real-time Processing Module,Real-time Processing Module,Real-time Processing Module,RTK GNSS Receiver with INS,mini Sound Velocity Sensor,Pole Mount Kit

Continuously improving performance to capture more information

    S3 has higher dynamic variation and lower noise level.With pulse compression and advanced signal processing, the S3 delivers accurate, high-quality data in almost any ocean-based environment.


    Backscatter can be used to differentiate between types of seafloor, such as hard rock or soft sediment, etc , Helping select the best fishing sites

Multiple views for choosing from, and can be combined at will

    The WASSP has a wide range of views, including 2D, 3D, fish swarm stack, fish sounding, 5 beam, 3 beam, sonar, side scan sonar, etc

Tilted Transducer

    With RPM it is now possible to tilt the transducer up to 30° and expand vertical object detection coverage

Pole Mount kit

    • Flexible solution for virtually any size vessel


    • Portable and easy installation


    Possible to mount across the boat

TypeS3r/S3rp kit
Pelican 1555 Air Case62.9 x 39.3 x 20.9 cm
Pelican 1745 Air Case118.6 x 49.2 x 22.2 cm
Swath coverage(up to)120° x 4°
Beam width port/starboard4.4
Beam width fore/aft3.2
Beams224(0.54°  over 120°)
Range resolution(max)3.9
Transducer interfaceDRX
DC input9-32VDC (25W)
RTK 潮位升级选项
WASSP 无线支持
IHO 标准IHO S-44 1A/1B/Special Order