TRAWLMATE is the best trawl door choice for various mid-water trawlers

To meet different HP, speed and adapt to operating depth, fishing objects and other operating requirements
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The full range of products meet different horsepower, speed and adapt to different seabed, operating depth, fishing objects and other operating requirements

Excellent design team – choose or design the most suitable mesh size, weight, expansion and lift factor for you according to the job requirements

The integrated trawl door and trawl net solution,  enables the best fit between the trawl door and the trawl net

The most advanced design effect – to reduce fuel consumption while ensuring excellent expansion, small resistance and high stability

Easy to operate – easy to adjust, easy to work

Excellent quality from material selection, processing, assembly, welding to the whole process of spraying to ensure the quality of the screen







Bending professional thoughtful design

      The customer can adjust the installation position of the drag plate and adjust the performance of the trawl door

Wear-resisting drag iron

      The design of the bottom trawl door fully considers the user experience, and the towing rotating device has multiple holes for easy adjustment. Wear-resistant towing iron can be replaced; The reinforcement of the insert plate makes the screen more collision resistant and prolongs the service life.

Strengthen the parts

      Strong and durable, long service life