The SUBSEA-2 series inclinometers are specifically designed for installation on underwater structures or equipment & are rated for use up to 500m below sea level. Each unit is fitted with an industry standard male SubConn Micro connector. They are a range of high performance dual axis tilt sensors for measurement of angle in both pitch and roll axes while submerged in sea water. These devices are available with standard measurement range options of ±5°, ±15°, ±30° & ±45. They utilise a very high performance MEMS sensor which exhibits low long term drift. RS232 or RS485 interface options are available with our standard communication protocol, we also offer a multi drop RS485 interface with ModBus communication protocol. They are CE & RoHS certified, & are manufactured, calibrated and tested in our UK factory to guarantee performance to the stated specification.


Key Features

Dual axis measurement range ±5°, ±15°, ±30° & ±45

High resolution and accuracy

Designed for subsea & marine applications

Rated for 500m depth below sea

Fitted with a SubConn Micro subsea connector

Low temperature drift

Tough and compact stainless steel housing, 70 x 93 x 27mm

RS232 or RS485 interface with LD communication protocol

CE certified and RoHS compliant

Part No.Size

(LxWxH mm)

No of AxisRange


Output TypeResolution (°)Accuracy (°)


Supply Voltage

Min – Max (V)

Seal Rating
SUBSEA-2-45-RS48570×92.5×272±45RS4850.0010.0409 – 30500m (Sea water)
SUBSEA-2-30-RS485M70×92.5×272±30RS485 ModBus0.0010.0309 – 30500m (Sea water)
SUBSEA-2-15-RS23270×92.5×272±15RS2320.0010.0209 – 30500m (Sea water)
SUBSEA-2-05-RS48570×92.5×272±5RS4850.0010.0109 – 30500m (Sea water)
SUBSEA-2-45-RS23270×92.5×272±45RS2320.0010.0409 – 30500m (Sea water)
SUBSEA-2-30-RS48570×92.5×272±30RS4850.0010.0309 – 30500m (Sea water)
SUBSEA-2-15-RS485M70×92.5×272±15RS485 ModBus0.0010.0209 – 30500m (Sea water)
SUBSEA-2-05-RS23270×92.5×272±5RS2320.0010.0109 – 30500m (Sea water)
SUBSEA-2-45-RS485M70×92.5×272±45RS485 ModBus0.0010.049 – 30500m (Sea water)
SUBSEA-2-30-RS23270×92.5×272±30RS2320.0010.039 – 30500m (Sea water)
SUBSEA-2-15-RS48570×92.5×272±15RS4850.0010.029 – 30500m (Sea water)
SUBSEA-2-05-RS485M70×92.5×272±5RS485 ModBus0.0010.019 – 30500m (Sea water)

CE certified and RoHS compliant