The Miros WaveFinder is the ultimate stand-alone sensor for motion-compensated airgap, tide, water level, draught and wave measurements. WaveFinder is a dry, radar-based sensor, measuring with millimetre accuracy (+/- 1mm) in all weather conditions. The sensor is specifically designed to be mounted on floating assets and is the only DNV GL-certified product on the market for alpha-factor related wave monitoring.


Key Features

High sampling rate and accuracy

Embeded data processing and browser-based user interface

loT enabled, for easy data access, locally and remotely

No parts submerged in water

Low maintenance cost

aveFinder is a microwave radar that functions by sending microwave frequency-modulated (FM) chirp signals and receiving the echo from the water surface.

The round-trip delay in signal propagation between the antenna and the water surface causes a beat-signal in the receiver. The beat frequency is then converted to an accurate distance. The distance to the surface can range from 1 to 100 meters which is superior to what competing sensors can offer.

Up to 50 measurements per second are averaged over a user-selectable averaging time. Therefore, the WaveFinder gives uniquely accurate range measurements and high long-term stability.