Marine UHF Repeater System

All Ship,offshore platform and Port, they have complex structure, steel materials, dense closed area, many mechanical / electrical equipment, complicated electromagnetic environment. Resulting in many areas the two way radios' communication have very poor call quality, even the formation of blind spots.

Smart Marine radio repeater solution is a combination of a radio receiver and a radio transmitter that receives a weak or low-level signal and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power, so that the signal can cover longer distances without degradation. Repeaters can be used in analog, digital, conventional or trunked.



Quick to install, less investment

UHF REPEATER system network structure is simple, less investment in network construction. Terminal equipment unit prices compared with similar products, low prices.

Low operating costs

The system is designed to network-specific, no monthly fee, no phone calls, reduce communication costs, improve communication quality, enhance the management level, to bring benefits to the user, creating high-tech feel of infinite charm.

Emergency Dispatch

That dial-talk, pre-loaded, to meet the security requirements, rapid response to emergencies, improve personal safety, keep in touch with people in potentially hazardous environments..

Powerful control performance

Coordination of internal management of resources, strengthen the team control, and provides a convenient tool.

Strong Adaptability

  The system does not rely solely on forwarding station, adaptability. The GSM, CDMA, PHS these public systems although large coverage area, large user capacity, but these systems can not achieve the necessary dispatch group call and group call capabilities. And these products are required to communicate with the base station before, can not be used at sea, communications networks paralyzed, unable to stand-alone direct communication.

Key Benefits

Reliable Performance

System Selected parts are durable, suitable for harsh sea conditions, and continuous long time working, the core repeater station runs 100% continuous full-duty cycle at 40 W or more.


The system according to the customer’s wireless coverage requirements can be flexible design, any increase in the number of channels you to expand the coverage area of such requirements can be met..

High Call Quality

According to customer requirements, structure of the ship, platform or port, accurate system design based on professional, including antenna selection, antenna installation location selection, system attenuation calculation, so that the strength of the wireless signal coverage appropriate balance up and down functions, call quality is very good .

Easy maintenance and inspection

 After the system is installed, we provide project drawings and equipment parameters set the table, in case of failure, as long as the plug-in quickly to change one of the components.



Repeater  can operate at UHF, VHF, suitable for a variety of applications, it can be integrated with existing infrastructure to meet your needs. 19 “standard cabinet design makes use of more flexible.

UFAT-F415/8dB-VD Omni UHF Outdoor Antenna

UFAT-F415/8dB-VD is an omnidirectional antenna. The antenna is for use with radio telephone, two-way business radio and many other UHF applications. UFAT-F415/8dB-VD is manufactured in premium quality materials in order to prevent galvanic corrosion. Radiating elements are made of brass. The antenna is subject for improvement at all times. The antenna has the same rugged design conditions, both on sea and land.

UFAT-F415/3dB-VD Omni UHF indoor antenna

UFAT-F415/3dB-VD Omni UHF indoor antenna, is designed for use on ships,Radiation is omnidirectional and the antenna is vertically polarized. The radiating element is enclosed in a tough ABS moulding with an aluminum base plate. UFAT-F415/3dB-VD is supplied as a fully assembled mounting kits for fitting directly to the ceiling or wall. The connected RF cable can be from the inner of wall/ceiling ,or from side of the antenna.

UFCB-F415/xC-VW UHF RF Tx Combiner

RF Tx Combiner used primarily as multiple signal combiner to a distribution system.Smart Marine UFCB-F415/xC-VW Combiner uses the same frequency combiner 3dB bridge, it can be along the transmission line to transmit power to determine the direction of a continuous sampling an input signal can be divided into two mutually equal amplitude range 90 ° phase difference signal. Improve the utilization of the output signal, widely used for indoor coverage system for base station signal combiner.

UFDV-F415/xC-VW RF Rx Divider

RF Rx Divider, receiving a plurality of channel signals using a single antenna at the same time, and the signal is assigned to the receiver means ministries. It includes; isolators, broadband low noise amplifiers, filters, and multi-channel distributor, Smart Marine Divider built upstream signal amplifier to compensate for losses in the antenna system.

RF Duplexer

Diplexer is different frequency duplex radio, the main parts of the relay station, its role is to transmit and receive signals are isolated, can receive and transmit at the same time guarantee work. It is composed of two different frequency stopband filter (or a band-pass filter), with the unit to avoid transmitting the signal to the receiver, thus affecting the sensitivity of the receiver. Walkie-talkie in the industry, also known as a duplexer diplexer. Diplexer both to come in weak receiving signal coupling, but also the larger transmission power up through the feeder to the antenna, and that their respective requirements for the completion of its features without affecting each other.

UFSP-F415/3dB-VD  RF Power Splitter

For equal signal signal distribution to the connection distribution system.

UFCP-F415/XdB-VW RF Coupler

Coupler are widely used in microwave systems a microwave device, which is a certain percentage of the microwave signal power allocation. Common specifications are 5dB, 6dB, 7dB, 10dB, 15dB, 20dB and so on.

RF Cable

RF Cable for the system signal transmitting between RF components.