Consilium A1 Class A AIS

The Consilium A1 Class A is fully approved to deep sea and inland waterway standards and offers a highly intuitive user interface.

The A1 Class A is a complete, fully compliant AIS Class A product in a single unit. The use of advanced radio communications technology has enabled a simple Class A engine which delivers unrivalled field performance and reliability. The A1 has been engineered to operate reliably for years in the toughest of environments and is constructed from a combination of marine grade plastics and metals. The standard user menu enables easy access to all information whilst the, large, high visibility mono-chrome LCD provides clear presentation of data.
The A1 is fully certified to IEC61993-2 and inland waterway standards according to RIS (River Information Systems)

Benefits of AIS:

  • Transmit your position – Fitting a Class A AIS device ensures you are seen by other AIS equipped vessels.
  • Coastal Surveillance – AIS and radar can be fused to create effective and efficient coastal tracking, surveillance and safety systems.
  • Vessel Protection – As part of a suitably configured network, AIS enables owners to be alerted to unauthorized vessel movements.
  • Port Management – AIS can be used as a highly effective port management tool allowing easy identification, control and direction of vessels